Hello, Zach Jones here from Rekrewt.

I want you to take a moment to think about the single best user experience you’ve encountered lately. 

Perhaps it was an amazingly simple and fast checkout on Amazon. Or maybe it was YouTube suggesting a video that you can’t believe exists, but that you greatly enjoyed watching. Or maybe it is something as simple as having another great experience at Chick-fil-A. 

Whatever the case, take a moment to think through it, about the details that made it great. The details that made it memorable to the point that you instantly recalled it just now when searching your brain for a great user experience.

For me, I’m constantly amazed at how easy Amazon has made it to give them money. It is borderline criminal. It seems no matter what I need, it is just a click away. I recently ordered a washing machine from Amazon, and the simplicity of ordering and scheduling delivery and installation was incredible. They anticipate my needs, and have truly built a checkout experience that is optimized for the customer, not themselves or their staff. 

But let’s get to your college.

If I was to pose my question, if I was to ask your students that recently enrolled at your college, think about the single best user experience you’ve encountered lately, I wonder how many would have responded with their application and enrollment experience. Let’s be honest: probably none.

Now, to be fair, applying to and enrolling at a college is a very complex process. It will never be as simple as a one-click purchase on Amazon. However, let’s also be objective and admit that, at most colleges, the process can be a lot more user-friendly than it is currently. I can’t tell you how many colleges I’ve seen with negative Facebook reviews specifically mentioning the application/enrollment process.

This is a discussion I’ve been having a lot lately… Colleges frustrated that large numbers of recruits are being generated, but many of them “leaking” as they become frustrated with the enrollment process they’re forced into. It is very frustrating, as so many colleges are working to reverse declining enrollment. Every single prospect is so valuable. Every single prospect that abandons the process is a person that is going to miss out on the life-changing opportunities that your college could have given them.

If you believe that your college can change lives, then you need to be passionate about this.

So, how do we fix it? The answer is going to be different for each college, but here is where I think you should start: How can we simplify the process? Further: How can we do for the application and enrollment process, what Amazon did for ecommerce?

Once upon a time ecommerce was a tedious experience. But Amazon made it so simple. I challenge you to think like Amazon—or the example you thought of earlier—to relentlessly look for ways to improve your college’s processes. 

If it prevents just one applicant from getting frustrated and rage-posting on your college’s Facebook page, or abandoning the process entirely, then it is well worth it. However, I suspect it will benefit so many more people than just one. 

As I mentioned, colleges are coming to us to discuss fixing this problem. If you’re interested in learning about the solutions we’re developing, reach out. I’d love to have a conversation.

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