Hello again, Zach Jones here from Rekrewt.

I have a very simple message today; a very simple assignment for every community college marketer:

Today, right after finishing this video, call or email your college’s director of workforce development, and offer to meet them for coffee or lunch.

I am incredibly confident that they’re working on projects and programs that you are not up to date on. Excellent programs that are incredible opportunities for people in your community that are desperate for something new. 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a disconnect between workforce and marketing departments at multiple community colleges. Please note that I don’t mean this to sound negative, and I’m not casting blame. It is just simply a fact that quite often, there is not solid, consistent communication between these two departments, between you and your workforce director. 

Your workforce director is not a marketer. And you are not a workforce expert. You need to work together, so that you can remain up to date on everything he or she has going on. They may have great new opportunities, and you may have an idea for a marketing tactic or campaign that would be perfect for promoting it. But without an open discussion, you’re never going to find out. And that new program or opportunity may not help everyone that it potentially could.

I promise you that your workforce department has something new since you last spoke with them. I’m continually amazed by the unique yet in-demand workforce programs at community and technical colleges across the country. 

So, please do me a favor, and more importantly, do yourself a favor, and reach out to your workforce director right now. Offer to meet them so you can catch up on what they’re up to, and so that you can let them know what new or digital marketing capabilities you have that they may not be aware of. I guarantee that it will be a productive conversation for both of you.

Let me know how it goes; I can’t wait to hear about it.

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