First impressions… They’re so important in so many aspects of our lives.

If the exterior of a restaurant doesn’t make a great first impression, we’re likely to never enter.

If we call an electrician or plumber, and they make a poor first impression, we may hang up and call a different provider.

And as manufacturers, you undoubtedly pay incredibly close attention to the first impression that applicants make with their resume, call, or interview. As you should.

However, have you thought about what kind of first impression you’re making to prospective applicants? 

In that split second where a prospective applicant sees your ad or info about your company, what kind of reaction are they having? What is going through their mind? 

Are you making a great first impression?

In our current economic climate, prospective applicants have many choices about where to work. They have leverage. Therefore, they can afford to take their time, be selective, perhaps even to the extent of being picky, about where they choose to work.

This means that you have little room for error. You must make a great first impression to earn their interest.

You may have the greatest compensation package in your area, offer great benefits, etc., but if you don’t provide prospective applicants with an excellent first impression, they’re never going to find out. They’re going to be turned off, and instead focus on a different employer that did a better job than you in presenting themselves.

So, how can you ensure that you make a great first impression to prospects? There are of course many, but let’s touch on the two greatest ways:

  1. Treat your recruitment advertising with the same attention to detail that you use in your regular advertising. Branding should be very tight and consistent. Everything should be very professional. I see a lot of manufacturers have great brands, but their recruitment materials have a noticeably lower level of quality and professionalism. Prospects notice this, and they’ll think they don’t matter to you.
  2. Don’t talk about how great your company is. Rather, let your best employees do it for you. Utilize content, such as video, interviews, articles, etc., to showcase what your best employees love about working at your company. Their own words will resonate more with prospects than your carefully crafted copy ever will. Make them the centerpiece of recruitment marketing efforts.

If you get these two items right, you’re going to make a great first impression, and will be well on your way to benefitting from more high quality applicants.

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