Hello again, Zach Jones here from Rekrewt.

As you can see, I have a beautiful backdrop today. I’m in Navarre Beach, Florida, and it is tough to beat this view. I’m on a bit of a road trip spanning meetings and speaking engagements, and I’m enjoying a few moments today to relax and refresh. 

Sitting here, enjoying this view, got me thinking about how much easier it would be for a college or company to recruit prospects if they were located on a beach, with this type of environment to enjoy every single day. I would have to think that being steps from the surf and endless fresh seafood would be an unfair advantage.

Now, to my knowledge, no organization outside of the hospitality or real estate industries is going to be able to include “beachfront” in their job description. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have advantages that you should be promoting and leveraging. 

What are your “beachfront” qualities? It could be that you have a beautiful location, and many of you do, but it is probably something more meaningful than that. 

Perhaps your college has a wonderful partnership with a renowned employer, offering rare opportunities to students. Maybe your manufacturing company produces parts that helped a certain vehicle receive excellent safety ratings. Or, it could be that you have some wonderful employee perk such as an incredibly generous paid time off policy.

I want you to take a few moments to think about what attributes make you unique. Qualities and benefits that no one else can match. Sure, not many organizations could compete with this, but you’ve got something the beach doesn’t have—or, more appropriately, the alternatives considered by your applicants—you’ve got something they don’t have. I guarantee it.

When you pinpoint what those things are (I bet you have more than one), be deliberate about embracing them and promoting them to your prospects. If you don’t brag about these assets, then your ideal prospects won’t know they exist. I don’t think bragging about how you can improve someone’s life is a bad thing.

But I won’t brag about being here.

If you need help determining how to best leverage your unique benefits, let me know. I’d love to learn about them and brainstorm with you.

I’ll see you next time, more than likely with a much more subdued backdrop.

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