Right this moment, your ideal applicants are out there. Who knows what they’re doing, but there’s one crucial question you need to be thinking about: do they know you exist?

Do they know that your manufacturing company exists?

Recently we performed some research in my home state of Alabama. We surveyed hourly workers to see what they knew and thought about the state’s automotive industry. 

Here is one question that we asked them: “Did you know that Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota manufacture vehicles and/or engines here in Alabama?”

And 37% of them said no. 

Alabama is home to world-class brands, and over one third of their potential workers don’t even know it. Frustrating, but true. And, if we quizzed this same audience about what these companies actually manufacture, how they produce, where the plants are, etc., I’m sure we’d be equally frustrated.

So, if this many people aren’t aware of huge companies and what they do, how many prospective workers know about tier one suppliers, or other manufacturers, regardless of what they produce?

Here’s why the answer to this question is so important: 

No one wants to apply to or work for a company they’ve never heard of. 

So, what are you doing to increase awareness in your local communities about your manufacturing company? About what you make? And about the opportunities you have available?

Awareness should be the first step of any recruitment effort.

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