Quick but important message for you today…

It’s that time of year when everyone else is starting to think about Christmas and the holidays, but us college marketers are instead thinking about spring enrollment numbers. Promoting and recruiting for spring semester is a bit unique and different from other semesters. Yes, you do have to compete with the holidays for attention in the minds of your prospects, but you also have a unique advantage: New Years. 

Whether we call them resolutions, goals, or just ideas, most all of us think of a few ways to improve our lives at the beginning of each year. And for many people, enrolling in college or going back to college can be just the way to do just that.

As community college marketers, we always want to know the emotions of our prospective students, and look for ways to resonate with them. Not in a creepy or invasive way, but in a helpful way. 

If we know that many people are looking to improve their life at the start of a new year, which is of course true, then we should absolutely build our recruitment marketing around this! Instead of using our same old slogans and messaging that we used in the fall, leverage the New Years holiday and the emotions people have around it.

Use New Years-related messaging to encourage prospective students to take action and apply now instead of letting another year go by. Use the power of time to emphasize your point, for example, if promoting a specific program, “by end of the year you can be halfway to a nursing career” or “by end of 2020 you can be working as a welder making $50,000” or whatever is relevant for your campaigns.

There are many ways you can be creative with this, but whatever you do, don’t treat spring semester recruitment marketing as just another semester. Leverage the holiday, the “fresh start,” and the emotions that people have, and you’ll see better campaign performance. I guarantee it.

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