If you see a new restaurant, do you immediately go there for dinner without asking around or looking up reviews?

If you see a house for sale, do you instantly put in an offer, without first walking through it and performing an inspection?

And for the topic of today’s video: if you see a job posting, do you immediately apply? Without first learning about the company, the culture, the position, expectations, etc.?

Most likely, you answered this question, and the others, with a solid “no.”

And the same applies for most people considering a manufacturing job. No prospective applicant is going to go from hearing about your company, seeing your ad, to applying, in 20 seconds. It just isn’t going to happen.

While some people that are simply tire kicking or desperate for any kind of job they can get may scroll through Monster, applying to every single job they see, most persons, and certainly your ideal applicants, are going to need a bit more from you before applying.

However, so often I see manufacturers, many with strong brands and wonderful stories to tell, simply create a recruitment ad that links directly to an outdated job description, that demands viewers “apply now.”

This gives prospects no incentive, or reason frankly, to apply. You’re not educating them on the opportunity, your ideal applicant, what they should expect, etc. Really, this attracts lower quality applicants, not the ones you need the most.

You’ve seen and heard me discuss how to improve your job descriptions in past videos, so those are the ways to start fixing this problem. However, the main takeaway for this video is to not ask or expect prospects to immediately apply once they learn about your opportunity.

Educate and nurture them, instead of displaying a huge “apply now” button. If they’re not willing to invest a few moments learning about you and the opportunity, then chances are that they’re not going to be a good fit anyway.

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