This is video number 5 in a series about our research that we just completed here at Rekrewt. We just researched prospective students, and what their thoughts and goals are as they compare higher ed options for the upcoming spring semester. What makes our research so unique is that we survey prospective students, not current students, so you truly get to understand the minds of your prospects!

We surveyed 500 people that are actively considering enrolling in a community college this upcoming spring semester (January, 2020). 

If you missed the first four videos, you’ll definitely want to go back and watch them. You can find them on my LinkedIn profile or on

One of the most crucial elements of any recruitment marketing campaign is your call to action, or CTA. So often I see colleges using “apply now” as their default CTA; but is that the right idea? Your CTA needs to be relevant to the needs and emotions of the prospect. So, to learn what those needs and emotions are, we asked 500 prospective students the following question: “What would be your perfect first interaction with the college?”

Here are the options we allowed them to choose from, in order of most to least selected:

  1. Getting help with financial aid, 25%
  2. Getting answers about a specific program/department, 20%
  3. Applying for admission, 18%
  4. Getting help choosing a program, 17%
  5. Campus tour, 12%
  6. Getting help planning a transfer to a four-year school, 8%

So, the apply now CTA is likely only going to resonate with 18% of your prospective students. 62% rather start with getting help with financial aid or a program. 

We know from other questions in this survey, and as you can see in prior videos in this series, and as you’ll see during our live training and research session, that the most common need among prospective students is getting help with financial aid. So, it certainly makes sense that this is how prospects want to interact with you.

We know from recruitment campaigns that we’ve executed for the colleges that hire us, that calls to action and messaging built around financial aid assistance always perform well, so I’m not surprised to see this data.

Ultimately, the key takeaway is that you must be helpful and relevant to your prospective students. Common mistakes that I see, that go against being helpful and relevant, include talking a bit too much about your college, or asking them to apply now too early in the process. If you can help and nurture them first, you’ll gain their trust, and they’ll be much more likely to begin the application process. 

Today, I’ve only had time to share a few helpful tidbits with you. But, I want to let you know that I’m going to be hosting a live training and research session all about this data, Wednesday, December 4th, at high noon. I’m going to share many more data points with you, and you’ll be able to ask for specific data points in real-time. If you want to know something specific, this is your chance to get answers! 

Go ahead and click the link below to register now so you don’t miss out. If you can’t make it live, register anyway, and you’ll get an email with a link to the replay. Just for registering, you’ll also get a free PDF with the full, raw data. I know listening to me state all of these percentages and numbers is difficult, so register now and then you’ll get a PDF with all of these data points, at no charge. 

Click the link below to register now and get your free PDF.

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