The Community College Marketing Show is presented by Rekrewt, the leading digital marketing agency for community colleges. Rekrewt works with community colleges to generate awareness, increase enrollment, and improve retention. 


In this episode, we’ll cover:

– One of the most common problems (complaints?) among community college marketers: getting admissions personnel to do a better job of helping prospective students

– I share a few stories to help you realize you’re not alone

– We’ll go through how to go from looking at this as a problem to viewing it as an opportunity to boost your performance

– And much more!


If your local or statewide college marketing association has events and/or meetings scheduled for 2020, consider hosting Zach or a member of the Rekrewt team. We routinely present and share current digital best practices for community colleges, and we never sell or pitch from the podium. 

Email Zach and let’s see if we can make it work:


 Zach Jones is the president and founder of Rekrewt. Rekrewt helps community/two-year colleges solve awareness, recruiting, and enrollment challenges.

 Comments about this episode?

Have an idea for a future episode? Please let me know! Email me, Zach Jones, at I’d love to hear from you. 

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