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We’re several weeks into the “covid crisis,” which means we’ve been able to gather data on how potential community college students are thinking about the situation. Specifically, how they are or are not viewing community colleges as a means to a better future. 

I’m going to walk you through the latest data from Google, but spoiler alert: it isn’t positive. 

Learn the data and how the people that your college can help are thinking about the current situation. This will help all community college marketers understand what can be done now to boost enrollment while connecting struggling Americans with life-changing opportunities.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Are more or fewer people searching for community colleges right now?
  • Are people searching for new career info?
  • What can community college marketers learn from this data? 

The Community College Marketing Show is presented by Rekrewt, the leading digital marketing agency for community colleges. Rekrewt works with community colleges to generate awareness, increase enrollment, and improve retention.


Zach Jones is the president and founder of Rekrewt. Rekrewt helps community/two-year colleges solve awareness, recruiting, and enrollment challenges.

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