I want to take a moment to talk about anticipation, and how it can give your recruitment efforts a considerable boost.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel company is renowned for the service that its staff provides to guests. Their hotels certainly qualify as luxury hotels, but when you hear stories about the company, the stories rarely mention the quality of the sheets or the towels or how nicely appointed the rooms are.

Instead, stories almost always focus on the incredible service provided to the guest. The experience of the guest, and how the staff anticipates the needs of their guests, are what have made this company legendary.

The word “anticipate” is the key to the incredible service provided by The Ritz-Carlton. In fact, here is how they present their motto on their company website:

“At The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, ‘We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.’ This motto exemplifies the anticipatory service provided by all staff members.”

Anticipating the needs of guests is why The Ritz-Carlton is the gold standard not just of hotels, but of service in general. If a guest loses their luggage, don’t wait for them to ask for help; proactively provide them with a toiletry kit. If a guest is wandering through the lobby, don’t assume they know where they’re going; offer to help them find what they’re looking for.

These concepts of anticipating needs may sound simple, or even irrelevant to anyone not working at a hotel, but when applied to recruitment, these concepts can reap huge rewards.

It doesn’t matter how simple your recruiting needs are. Every single one of your prospects is going to, at some point, have some questions or concerns.

“Why do they need me?”

“What will be required of me?”

“How long will this take?”

“Have other people already been through this process? If so, what do they have to say about it?”

You get the idea. The questions common to your ideal participants will of course be influenced by what you’re recruiting for.

Failing to anticipate these common questions, and failing to proactively provide answers and assistance, can destroy your recruitment campaign’s conversion rate. When people have questions or concerns, they’re probably not going to take time to contact you for answers. Rather, they’re just going to abandon the process entirely.

It falls on you to anticipate these concerns and to provide the appropriate content, answers, and guidance.

Just like guests of a Ritz-Carlton check-out thrilled with their experience, ready to tell their friends and to return soon, your prospects will be more engaged and ready to take the next step towards participation and enrollment.

Take a few moments to think about the common concerns of your prospects. Speak with your team to learn what questions they hear the most. And then think about how you can proactively address them with your recruitment marketing. I promise you that this anticipatory approach will be more than worth the time and effort.

If you need some help determining what this should look like for your recruitment, let me know and we can schedule a call.

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