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Different—By Design

It starts with our name… As you can see, we think and work differently.

We live at the intersection of a few select problems, and a few precise, proven solutions. All we do is digital recruitment marketing. That’s it.

By having such a tight focus, we can be the absolute best at one thing, instead of trying to be decent at many things.

And we feel our track record shows this: our ability to get results for our clients is unmatched.

Built to Do Great Work

Every company says they care about their employees, but we take it a step further. We’ve carefully crafted a working environment that attracts and rewards the best talent.

For starters, we don’t have a central working office. We don’t need one.

Instead, each employee gets to live and work from wherever they want: their home, coffee shop, beach, etc. This also allows us to expand our hiring pool from a single city to the entire nation. If a business is based in one or two cities, what are the odds that the best available talent all happen to live there? We want the best talent, and we want them to do great work. How or where they do it is up to them.

Additionally, since we have such a narrow focus, we thrive with a small team. Clients love the lack of layers and enjoy building direct relationships with our experts. 

Our Founder

Zach Jones is Rekrewt’s founder and president.

Zach has been working in the digital space since being a student, and has led digital firms since graduating high school in 2002.

Zach resides in Birmingham, Alabama, and regularly travels the nation meeting with clients and speaking at events.

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