What we Believe 

We Serve a Higher Purpose

Most marketing firms rely on businesses for the majority of their revenue. Which means that day in, day out, they help companies sell things to people. They convince people to hand over money to the business in exchange for an object. 

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this. But for the marketer, it is hardly fulfilling helping people collect more material possessions.

At Rekrewt, everything we do, every single day, falls within our core focus of recruitment. Instead of helping a business sell things, we’re working with passionate individuals at organizations that are wanting to provide life-changing opportunities to people. 

We help colleges provide foundations for new careers. We help employers fill positions that support families. We help PI’s perform potentially life-saving research.

We’re passionate about connecting people with opportunities. It is so much more rewarding than selling objects. 

Continual Improvement > Good Enough

No one will ever achieve perfection, and certainly not on the first try.

This is why we offer ongoing optimization for all of our services. We are positive that our first effort for you will not be perfect. We’ve been looking to hire perfect employees, but we haven’t found any yet (this includes our founder!). 

So, until we’re able to guarantee perfection, we’re going to differentiate ourselves from other providers by recommending and providing ongoing monitoring and optimization. 

“Apply Now” Doesn’t Work

If you want the first thing your prospects see to be “apply now” and/or a lengthy text-only description, then we’re not a good fit for you. We don’t believe this approach will ever attract your ideal applicants.

We believe in nurturing prospects, helping them see how you can help them, before we ever ask for them to apply.

We have the results and data to back up this approach, but not everyone wants to invest the extra time and resources it requires. 

Results > Awards

We believe too many marketing agencies and professionals are concerned about winning awards. Every award we’ve ever seen is entirely subjective. What exactly does “best campaign” mean?

We’re only concerned with getting results for our clients. With helping clients solve their goals.

Rekrewt founder Zach Jones loves to share a joke he heard while playing basketball as a student: “When a dunk is worth three points, I’ll start doing it.”

Well, when award competitions start using click-thru rates and conversion rates as deciding factors, we’ll start entering them.

You Get What You Pay For

We want to offer you the best possible quality and service, so we must hire the best talent available. Great talent isn’t cheap.

Offering reliability isn’t cheap, either.

Being a partner that you can truly count on requires many commitments on our part, which means that we aren’t going to be the cheapest provider.

We believe that you deserve the best, and the best isn’t cheap. You truly get what you pay for. 

Like the way we think?

More than likely, we’ve already solved a challenge similar to yours.

Schedule a call, and tell us about your struggles and goals.