Case Study:
Full-Time Enrollment Increase of 7%

A New Outlook for a Rural Community College

The struggles of Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) were all too familiar. Despite its multiple national rankings, it still suffered from the stereotypes and stigmas that surround two-year colleges.

In an attempt to increase enrollment, Marketing and PR Director Debra Barrentine had tried implementing small digital marketing campaigns as well as traditional ones using billboards, TV and print. But she knew she needed to think differently to get a substantial increase in enrollment numbers.

The Strategy

In 2017-2018 Debra partnered with Rekrewt to plan and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the fiscal year.

The months prior to application deadlines were filled with recruitment and enrollment campaigns.

We worked with NACC closely to ensure each and every custom designed ad suited the target audience, and perfectly represented NACC. Each month for the entire year got its own strategically planned digital campaign based on what was going on during that time.

The year flew by, and was a lot of fun, as the year included more digital marketing than NACC had done in all prior years combined. But was it all fun and pixels, or did it actually move the needle? What were the measurable results?

The Nitty Gritty

Rekrewt utilized Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, programmatic display and Snapchat to reach the ideal audiences for each month’s goal.

Some months featured awareness campaigns, while others promoted specific programs of study. During the summer we were asked to promote specific non-credit workforce development programs with poor enrollment. At one point we even promoted NACC’s annual bluegrass festival to fans of the genre throughout the region.

But was it all fun and pixels, or did it actually move the needle? What were the measurable results?

The Results? NACC’s full-time enrollment increased 7% year-over-year.

Because of these stellar results, NACC President Dr. David Campbell authorized a full renewal including a more substantial investment for more digital with Rekrewt. This will allow us to further expand upon our strategy and take their results to the next level.

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