Case Study:
Clinical Studies Recruitment Success

The Challenge

Recruiting participants for clinical studies is not uncommon. But for more complex studies that involve sensitive conditions, recruitment can be challenging in many ways. Studies like this performed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (National Institutes of Health, Department of Health & Human Services) are no exception. Rekrewt was tasked with recruiting highly specific audiences for these unique studies.

How do you reach an audience that makes up less than 1% of the population?

Traditional and mass media are out of the question; too broad and too expensive.

Digital capabilities are great and can be very granular, but no advertising platforms have selectable audience groups similar to “people who use drugs.” These digital platforms require incredible expertise that most have struggled to master. At Rekrewt, we have developed a repeatable, proprietary, and ethical means of reaching these unique audiences that are most likely to be compatible with research studies.

Educating and Nurturing with Trust

Creating trust with marketing and advertising isn’t easy. In our daily lives, we all see brands and organizations struggle greatly with this challenge. At Rekrewt, once we develop dependable audience targeting criteria, we believe trust in marketing relies on authenticity. 

Empathy. Understanding. Caring. Help.

These positive, emotional attributes already exist among NIDA staff, so why shouldn’t they be expressed within recruitment efforts? From the imagery and verbiage used in ads, to the copy written for landing pages, we ensure that every element of the recruitment campaign reflects these values, which earns the trust of prospective applicants.

Getting Participants

Because the privacy of our client and their research goals must be respected, we’ve been scant on details about these campaigns. However, interest in and applications to the mentioned studies are increasing, with our ongoing optimizations continually improving results.

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