Recruitment and Retention During the Pandemic

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What You’ll Learn

We’re all a little rattled right now. However, even though times are tough, we have to remember that this too shall pass… and that just as we have after other times of uncertainty, we will fight through this.

Even in the midst of this difficult situation, we cannot forget: Students need higher education more than ever. And students need us, college marketers and recruiters, to connect them to the opportunities available to them.

We all must act now to prevent potentially large declines in retention and enrollment over the coming months. Approaching this situation with the “same old” strategy will likely fail.

In this webinar, Rekrewt founder and president Zach Jones will help you calmly address these issues, and to recognize the opportunities that exist for marketers and recruiters.

We can either sit back and hope our standard recruitment and retention efforts will work during a pandemic and all of the chaos that comes with it… OR, we can proactively create a new strategy to do all that we can to help as many students as possible. If you want to be proactive, then you should watch this webinar.