Recruitment Marketing for Education

College marketers have a much tougher job than other marketers… Not only do you have to promote your institution, and dozens of unique programs, but your budget is never large enough, and you never get the recognition you deserve. We understand your challenges and needs, as we’re the only exclusively digital agency that specializes in working with community colleges.



No one knows you exist? Or what programs you offer? Tired of getting overlooked as students go straight from high school to four-year (and all of the debt that comes with it)? Let’s get the word out!


Even when prospective students know you exist, they need to know specifically how you can help them and why they should enroll. We develop campaigns for all types of students, ensuring they all feel like you’re talking directly to them.


The easiest way to increase enrollment is to keep the students you already have. Research shows that the more aware students are of your assistance, the less likely they are to drop out. Targeted campaigns keep them plugged in and aware.

Full-Time Enrollment Increase of 7%

A rural community college was struggling to compete against other two-year colleges in larger cities, and was living in the shadow of a large four-year university with a massively popular sports program. One year after implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, they celebrated a full-time enrollment increase of over 7%.

What’s Working Best Right Now

Are You Leveraging Your Unique Qualities?

I want you to take a few moments to think about what attributes make you unique. Qualities and benefits that no one else can match. Sure, not many organizations could compete with this, but you’ve got something the beach doesn’t have—or, more appropriately, the alternatives considered by your applicants—you’ve got something they don’t have. I guarantee it.

Don’t Forget Unenrolled Prospects

You’ve heard me talk a good bit lately about the importance of learning why not all applicants enrolled at your college, and about not forgetting about this audience for future recruitment.Let’s dive a bit deeper into this.Everyone one of us has shopped...

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