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Device Testing Recruitment

We’ve been fortunate to recruit for the testing of some very unique devices and prototypes.

As you might imagine, most all of these engagements are protected by non-disclosure agreements, and client confidentiality is very important to us. 

We approach each project with a blank canvas. While we have an incredible amount of experience, we understand that it isn’t fair to our clients to automatically assume that what worked last time is the right approach this time. 

Lab-Based Testing

Perhaps you need to test a device or equipment in a lab setting, or you just need research participants to come to you. Not a problem.

We’ll study your inclusion/exclusion criteria, and will layer that over your unique geographic requirements. We have successfully recruited in many different markets nationwide, from regional suburbs to the largest metropolitan areas.

At-Home Medical Devices

If your product or device can be tested by participants in their homes, then we can absolutely recruit participants that match your target profile. Local or nationwide, broad or granular, we’ll handle it.

Beyond Recruitment

Oftentimes clients performing device testing need assistance beyond recruitment, such as developing a system to handle the logistics of shipping/receiving devices, and communicating with participants. See how we automate these processes for you by learning how we go Beyond Recruitment.

Let's Discuss Your Recruitment

Take the first step and tell us about your needs and goals.

Our complimentary strategy calls allow us to meet each other and are an opportunity for us to listen and learn.