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Our curiosity never ends… We’re always wanting to learn how to better connect with your prospects. Instead of being selfish and learning alone, we want you to partner with us for our research and experiments.

How it Works

Each time we have a theory or hypothesis, we devise an experiment to prove or disprove it. These experiments are actually real-word, short-term digital campaigns. Campaigns need to be associated with a real entity in order for the experiment to be legitimate, which is where you come in.

For every experiment we perform, we partner with an organization like yours. You benefit from a real campaign (reach, impressions, traffic, conversions, etc.), and you are the first party to see the experiment’s results and data. We’re able to increase our knowledge and expertise, as each experiment helps us do a better job of helping organizations like yours.

Watch this video to learn more:

Upcoming Experiments

These experiments are ready to launch… We just need a partner! Explore and inquire if you’d like to take advantage of an exclusive opportunity.

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Active Experiments

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Past Experiments

Looking to gain an edge in your recruitment marketing? Explore these past experiments for exclusive research and data you won’t find anywhere else!

Findings and data from Active Experiments will be displayed here thirty days after each experiment ends.