The 5 Things Prospects Want to See Before Applying

Data shows that our “help & nurture” approach to recruiting ideal applicants works. With this free guide, you’ll learn how you can implement our proven strategies.  

How Rekrewt Helps Companies

Manufacturers, hospitals, government agencies, and other organizations with large hiring needs hire Rekrewt to leverage our digital expertise to solve complex staffing issues. Examples of common engagements include:

Z Recruitment Strategy Development

Z Prospect Pool Research

Z Awareness Audits & Campaigns

Z Content Creation

Z Campaign Execution

Z Customized Consulting

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Insights for Recruiters

How will upcoming political campaigns affect your recruitment?

As you may have noticed, we’re in the early stages of a presidential election here in the States. And over the coming months, many other races will begin heating up as well.Politics and candidates aside, have you thought about how this activity could...

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AlabamaWorks Conference 2020

Rekrewt Founder, Zach Jones, has been invited to present “How to Recruit Millennials (and everyone else you don’t understand)”

April 20-23, 2020

Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel

Leaders from business, government, and education

Recent Results

Automotive Manufacturing Recruitment

Digital recruitment campaign designed to recruit applicants for a training and placement partnership for Mercedes-Benz suppliers. 

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