Our Process

Recruitment marketing is a complex process. Here’s a bit more about what to expect when working with our team, from start to finish.

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Fill out our form on our "Contact Us" page. We’ll get back to you with a few additional questions about your clinical trial or research study, including but not limited to confirming your inclusion & exclusion criteria, compensation details, and participation requirements. If your study seems like a good fit, we’ll request a few call times that work for you and your team.


Give us 15-30 minutes of your time to ensure we’re on the same page. Any questions or concerns can be addressed here. We’ll confirm your goals, and we will get to work on a pricing model including three packages that fit your needs.


Review the packages we’ve provided and determine which you’d prefer. Feel free to request any package changes you’d like to see at this time.


Sign up for our services and trust your recruitment goals will be met! We’re happy to comply with any requirements your institution or company requests, including but not limited to signing NDAs, working with IRBs, and/or following data storage requests. At this time, we may request an optional kick-off call.


Let us create your ad creative, ad verbiage, and a custom landing page for your study, all designed to attract your ideal audience. We’ll send these materials your way for approval. We’re familiar with a number of approval processes and are aware of the intricacies of collaborating with IRBs.


After approval, your recruitment campaign begins! Regular calls with our clients are extremely valuable to us. Communication is key with our clients. We’ll use these regular calls to learn more about how to continuously improve your campaigns.


Regular communication is the cornerstone of our partnership. Through ongoing calls, we refine and enhance your campaigns, optimizing strategies weekly and monitoring daily. Your feedback is invaluable as we evolve our approaches based on real-time metrics.


Recruitment goals are met. Once you’re pleased with your enrollment numbers, it’s time to wrap up our campaigns. We’ll develop a final report showing which ad creative ran, which ads worked the best, and which platforms led to the highest KPIs.


Have another project? Repeat this process as needed! We’re happy to provide our services on a per-project basis, or we can work with you and your team long-term.

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Recruitment isn’t an ancillary service
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When we say it’s all we do, we mean it.

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