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Research Study Recruitment

We have successfully recruited for all types of research studies for many types of entities:

  • Intramural Research 
  • Extramural Research 
  • University 
  • Enterprise/Private
  • In-Person
  • Remote/Virtual 
  • Intervention 
  • Qualitative 
  • Quantitative

Strict I/E Criteria Welcomed

You’re not just able to specify strict inclusion/exclusion criteria—we expect you to.

No matter how granular your ideal participant profile is, we’re ready to tailor our efforts to them.

No Stale Lists or Outdated Databases

Some providers source their pre-existing lists in their attempt to reach enrollment targets. The problem with this approach is that this data is oftentimes stale, outdated, and irrelevant to your requirements. Just because someone checked the right boxes on a form doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for your research. 

We perform all recruitment from scratch. This means that prospects are aware of the details of your opportunity from the moment they’re first engaged. The result? Much higher quality participants.

In-Person or Virtual

While virtual research isn’t new, it certainly accelerated in popularity in 2020. We were ready to keep research studies progressing, and we helped keep enrollments growing no matter what the world threw at researchers. 

Today, we’re assisting clients with all combinations of in-person and virtual research. No matter how you’re performing research today—or how you’ll perform research in the future—we’ll be ready to handle recruitment for you.

Let's Discuss Your Recruitment

Take the first step and tell us about your needs and goals.

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