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At Rekrewt, our approach to participant recruitment involves leveraging a blend of performance metrics, data-driven forecasting, enrollment best practices, and efficient technology.  In our experience, we’ve consistently observed similar challenges and significant patterns for organizations requiring participant recruitment for research studies or other purposes.

Consider a scenario necessitating 500 participants, where managing communication, coordinating appointments, and handling remuneration pose critical questions. Our proven expertise adeptly guides organizations through potential pitfalls post-recruitment, ensuring a seamless and successful participant engagement experience.

Trusted by leading researchers in government, university and enterprise.

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At Rekrewt, we are more than just a team of creative professionals. We are a collective of passionate individuals driven by a common purpose: to transform the digital recruitment landscape an
d boost enrollments.


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We believe in hard work and dedication

We’ve been told that our solutions are unique and proprietary, so we’re not too eager to share details here. During our initial call, we’ll seek to identify your potential speedbumps, and will proactively offer our recommendations for going Beyond Recruitment to ensure your research is a success.

We stop
at nothing

We know it can be a challenge to find qualified participants, which is why we won’t stop till we do. This ensures the acquisition of high-caliber participants for your research study, clinical trial, or usability test.

We love
to explore

We consistently test various strategies on different platforms, enjoying the process of discovering what resonates with target audiences, whether they are broad or highly specialized.

We keep
it simple

Repeatedly, we discover that the most straightforward approach is often the most successful. Our knowledge of what is effective and what is not comes from rigorous testing and optimization.

We take it

Sometimes studies and trials call for a new strategy, and we are here to help! We possess the expertise to facilitate a smooth transition for participants—from initial interest to enrollment and ultimately, compensation.

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