Clinical Trial Recruitment Digital Marketing

Clinical Trial Recruitment Marketing

Studies and trials are requiring participants with more and more detailed criteria than ever before. Research is being delayed months and sometimes even years. Those large participant databases look great on paper, but fail to deliver enough ideal prospects. You need to take a more proactive, targeted approach.

We understand your challenges.


The first step to recruiting ideal participants is to understand your goals and needs. Not all research needs can be neatly matched up with a questionnaire, which is where most existing recruitment efforts fall short. If someone checked a box on a website two years ago, what makes them qualified for your research today?


Once we understand your needs in detail, we use creative methods to reach your specific audiences. Broad ads cost a fortune and generate low quality leads, but no marketing platform offers audience lists for users of specific medications, or persons with specific conditions. Therefore, we use a balance of ethical behavioral and interest targeting to reach the persons most likely to fit your ideal participant profile.


Once we reach the right people, we recruit them to your study with impactful ads and landing pages that convert at very high rates. We’re experienced with highly regulated approval processes at all levels, such as FDA and NIH.