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Recruitment Marketing for Workforce Development

We’re on a mission to eradicate workforce shortages. Workforce development agencies are having a difficult time recruiting enough prospects. The regions with the best worker recruitment pipelines will get the most future industry growth, and our experience can ensure that you aren’t left behind.

Workforce pros are turning shortages into successes.

Here’s how:

12,000 Prospects and Counting

The State of Alabama is enjoying massive growth in manufacturing, especially in the automotive sector. Companies like Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Toyota are building and expanding factories, but will they continue to do so if there aren’t enough trained workers? State leaders know they need to recruit and train thousands of workers, and they’ve turned to Rekrewt to fill the pipeline. The number of qualified leads has literally been difficult to manage.

We understand your challenges.


Billboards, radio spots, and job fairs alone aren’t going to solve the workforce development crisis in areas with booming industrial growth. Did you know that more than half of all persons that consider themselves underemployed aren’t actively looking for a new opportunity—even though they want a better job? Like it or not, you have to reach them proactively, and we do it for workforce development agencies every single day.


Once you begin receiving a stream of prospects, what happens next? Do you have a dedicated staff that can communicate with all prospects, 24/7? We’re guessing not. We provide automated communications that keep all prospects in the loop. From automated texts and emails, to AI-powered chatbots, we keep them engaged.


Is your business struggling to fill positions? Suffering from high turnover rates? We’ll recruit your ideal prospects, and in many cases will even integrate with your existing HR management platform.

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Our team manages and learns from dozens of digital campaigns every single day. Watch our videos as we share details on what’s working best right now. We’ll also discuss our proprietary research into the latest digital trends of prospective trainees and workers.