Video Series: The 6 Proven Best Practices for Digital Recruitment


Since recruitment is all that we do at Rekrewt, we’ve been able to not only identify what these best practices are, but also why they’re important. Understanding why they’re important is vital, as it makes it easier for you to adapt to the unique attributes of your needs.

Part 1

Your ideal participants or workers—or target audience as I like to call them—need to know about you before you ever invite them to apply or participate.

You’ll always be tempted to immediately invite all prospects to apply; that temptation never goes away. However, most of the time, this approach is only going to scare them off.

Part 2

In commerce, no one buys from a company they don’t trust. It’s no surprise that Amazon is one of the world’s most trusted companies.

The same is true in recruitment. No one is going to apply or enroll unless they trust the entity and its people.

Part 3

It is crucial that you clearly communicate what prospects’ expectations should be.

Part 4

Throughout your recruitment content, be clear about who does and does not qualify for your needs.

Part 5

Earlier, I mentioned how Amazon is a great example of an entity that earns the trust of its customers. Here’s something else that you can learn from Amazon: think about how easy they make it to engage with them.

Part 6

You need a process in place that allows you to quickly connect with applicants—ideally within minutes! We know from experience that the longer you wait to connect with an applicant, the less likely you are to ever get them on the phone.

Wrapping Up

Digital recruitment, if done properly, has been proven to be incredibly effective, even for reaching highly complex audiences. However, like anything else, there are good and bad practices.

The truth is that there is little room for error.

Next Steps

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