Video Series: The 6 Proven Best Practices for Digital Recruitment

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What You’ll Learn

Over the past few months, I’ve heard from countless universities, employers, companies, and researchers that are struggling to maintain recruitment and enrollment during the “covid chaos.”

Many of you have reached out to me specifically about trying digital recruitment for the first time, or how to move beyond basic tactics like Facebook or Craigslist posts.

If you’re not sure where to start, then this free video series is perfect for you.

At Rekrewt, digital recruitment is nothing new to us. In fact, we’ve been specializing in digital recruitment marketing for years, so we already know what works best and how you can keep your enrollment from falling behind—regardless of what is going on out there.

Join me at your own pace and I’ll walk you through the best practices of any digital recruitment effort, no matter your goal. It’s free, and you’ll leave with actionable insights and a better understanding of how you should be approaching this crucial subject.

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Founder & President, Rekrewt