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About Us

Once upon a time our company structure was considered uncommon and interesting...

Once upon a time our company structure was considered uncommon and interesting, but over the last few years it has become much more mainstream.

Since 2018, we haven’t had a central office. Each of our employees lives and works from wherever they want. We feel that this provides both Rekrewt and employees with considerable benefits.

Long before covid, we had already mastered the challenges of remote work, and we continue to serve and manage clients of all sizes with all sorts of recruitment challenges—from our homes, coffee shops, the beach, or wherever each team member happens to be working that day.

Company Leadership

Zach Jones
Founder and President

Location: Destin, Florida

Typical Day Working:
Helping organizations understand the advantages of digital recruitment, and identifying the ideal strategy for their requirements. Ensuring that my team has the guidance and resources they need to be successful.

Typical Day Not Working:
Inshore and nearshore saltwater fishing. Wildlife photography. Hiking. Learning new things.

Rebecca Doss
Vice-President of Strategy

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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