About Rekrewt

We connect organizations with the people they seek to serve, so that lives are changed and communities are improved.

We’re different. And proud of it.

Nothing about Rekrewt is common—starting with our name.

For starters, we’re not trying to be all things to all people. We’re not trying to do whatever it takes to get every single marketing contract out there.

We live at the intersection of a few select challenges (that share many similarities), and a few select solutions. We only provide recruitment digital marketing. That’s it.

But this is just the beginning.

We don’t work at a central office. Instead, Rekrewt is a “location agnostic” company in which our entire team works from, basically, wherever they want. This could be their home or the local cafe or the beach. This could change on a daily basis. It could be in the same city as Rekrewt’s owner, or in an entirely different state from any other team member.

See, we’re a lot more concerned with the expertise and capabilities of our staff than where they choose to live and work.

Every marketing agency claims to have a great team, and many do. But what are the odds that all of the best experts in their area of focus happen to live in the same city? By not restricting ourselves to a single city, the entire country becomes our hiring pool, allowing us to hire the smartest and hardest working marketing professionals that we can find.

As you can see, we’re different in many ways. But, each of these quirks is actually a strategic decision that allows us to serve you better.

We don’t care about having the coolest office, winning awards, or fitting the mold of what a marketing agency should be.

All that we care about is partnering with you and helping you achieve measurable results that change lives and improve communities.

If we sound like the kind of partner you’ve been needing, get in touch.

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