Device Testing

We’ve been fortunate to recruit for the testing of some very unique devices and prototypes.

Trust us to oversee a meticulously organized and efficient participant engagement system, enabling you to concentrate on the fundamental aspects of your device testing endeavors.

Woman working on a device

Our approach

Whether it’s medical trials or prototype testing, whether conducted in a controlled laboratory environment or remotely, our expertise spans diverse scenarios. We’ve successfully undertaken recruitment initiatives across the spectrum, demonstrating our ability to adapt to the unique demands of each situation. Moreover, our capabilities extend beyond conventional approaches—we possess the technology and systems to automate and streamline participant involvement.

Trust us to navigate the complexities of medical and prototype scenarios, employing innovative solutions to optimize engagement regardless of the testing environment.

More of our services

Research Study

Researchers at all types of institutions come to us with incredibly granular I/E criteria.

Usability Testing

Products, websites, apps… In-person or virtual, we’ve got
you covered.

Custom Recruitment

If your requirement doesn’t fit neatly into a category, don’t worry. We help solve uncommon problems
every day.

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Recruitment isn’t an ancillary service
or an upsell for us like it is for many providers.
When we say it’s all we do, we mean it.

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